About  Don 

It all started in college when I had a guest lecturer come to talk about the importance of imagery in anthropology. I learned that an image has the power to transport a person. From then on I began working as a contract photographer and archaeologist on projects in the Western United States, Bermuda, and Australia. I hope that by visiting my page you are transported to the places and experiences that I came upon and share with me my passion for instilling an idea into an image.


My main passions for photography are in street, landscapes and product photography. Through these different outlets, I work with different subjects to help convey a meaning or feeling. Mainly by working with businesses I help them express their identity and share their passions with the world. 

Awards & Nominations:
  • Thunder Bay Arts Council Feature Artist 

  • Center for Digital Archaeology Certified Photographer

  • Featured Photographer for Several Australian Social Media Sites

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